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Website traffic: SEO can increase the amount of users to your site who are actively checking out your product or service. It's found that the top page on Google gets 33% of the entire search traffic, and the next five pages get 75% of the entire clicks. With search engine optimization you can attract targeted customers that are ready to buy.

Visibility of business: SEO increases the visibility of the website. The improved visibility improves the chances of getting better prospects and conversions finally. It can be said that visibility brings ranking for the web pages. The higher rank of a web page on a search engine, the more visible it will be. Better SEO efforts will get you higher rankings and will build the visibility of the web pages too. It is also important because 75% of the users never skip the search engine’s first page.

Better visitor experience: Better SEO efforts creates a user-friendly website, which enhances the visitor’s experience. For instance, improving the page speed will take less time to load the page, reducing the bounce rate and encouraging visitors to spend more time on the website. Lower the bounce rate; higher will be your conversions.

Increased engagement and conversions: SEO helps in improving the user experience. Thus, increase the user experience. When spending more time on the website and getting a positive experience, the users tend to be converted into the customers of the business.

It is comparatively cheap: SEO costs money, but it is comparatively less expensive than other digital marketing techniques. It can also be considered as an investment, which brings fruits for the years to come. It is the organic way of getting the audience for the business website/ web pages.

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